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If you want one of the most customized LED controllers on the market, the SolerTuned FX Lighting Controller is the one for you! Each unit is programmed in house for the end user’s specific build.

With up to 8 channels of output, this controller can do everything from interior lighting to wheel lights and underglow. Each channel can handle 500 Leds individually at 60fps, for a total of 4000 leds, with the highest level of reaction and accuracy. Parallel output can be used to allow 2 strips to react the same per channel, effectively doubling the number of leds!

One of the more impressive features of the controller is its top of the line sound processing. Receiving signal level input via Aux from a car stereo, computer or any other sound source, it analyzes the music with 512 frequency bands. It reacts to bass, mids, and highs independently to create a full on visual light show custom tailored to your desire…the possibilities are endless!

This controller paired, with our WS2815B leds, allows for each led to be individually addressable, creating an infinite number color combinations and pattern combinations. Perhaps the best feature of the kit is both the Controller AND the Leds operate at 12v! There is no need for any additional voltage step down converters. In addition, the WS2815B leds do not experience any dimming throughout the full length of the strip, unlike the traditional 5v models.

A total of 10 Pre-Production Kits will be available at $399.99 each. Each SolerTuned Fx lighting controller will come in a custom 3D printed case, options are either Black, Blue, White, Green, or Red, a 44 key IR remote and IR receiver, and instruction manual. In addition, the kits come with up to 10 meters of the new WS2815B Leds in either Black or White PCB, pre-cut and presoldered to length.

What’s included in the kit:
1x SolerTuned FX Lighting Controller custom programmed for your use
1x 44 key remote with battery
Up to 10 Meters of IP65 or IP67 (Your choice) pre-cut to lengths of your choosing
1x User Manual custom tailored to your kit

These kits are made to order and have a minimum lead time of 2 weeks to ship. At the time of purchase, you will be prompted by email to fill out the details of your custom kit.

*** Additional LEDs are available at a separate cost. Email [email protected] for information.



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